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Hey my fellow MUCKers! Shentian signing in. Since I don't like to draw out introductions, I'll just leave it that, and go on to my next...thing.

So I've noticed the MUCK hasn't been too busy lately. Or is it just me? Am I not getting on at the right times or something? Do I get left out of things just because I'm not, like...a member of ANYTHING? Because I'm an independant? Huh? Is that it? Oh yeah, leave the stupid civilian girl out of things, SHE'S not important. No, actually, I'm really just kidding. Really. Trust me. I could get in with the Rebels if I really felt like it. I have blackmail on Knux...I don't think he knows I do...but I do. Yes, I am that low and slimy. Uhuh.

Player Name On For Idle Doing...
Shentian 00:02 0s The Safety Dance!
1 player is connected. (1 active, 0 idle, Max was 10)

*sighs* And this is what I see almost every day when I get on. Occasionally, Scott, a staff, or some random person I en't never heard of will be idle for a few hours, but that's it. It's actually kinda depressing.

I'm sad I missed most of the TP. What I did get to play of it was actually pretty fun. It makes me cry.

Yup. That's all for now. Later.
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