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Of Vehicles and Stuffus

That's right! @vcreate has been.. installed! Thus:

@vcreate <vehicle>
@set <vehicle>=m

And it's all set to go! Other commands include:

@vbcast -- Use to customize if you can/can't hear/project messages.
@vexit -- Creates additional exits and leaves the suit.
@vforce -- Forces a vehicle to perform a command.
@vlock -- Locks/unlocks the exits in a vehicle.
@vlookout -- Looks outside.
@vrecycle;@vrec -- Recycles a vehicle, exits and all.

<command> #help gives a more detailed list on vehicle options. While anyone can use @vcreate, the exit (sans the @vexit command) and drive functions will only work if the suit was created by a Wizard. To make sure that there aren't any twinkish suits about, record every Mobile Suit and car that you've created using @wizlog.

@wl <name>=<type of vehicle>: <dbref of suit object>

For example, @wl bob=Aries: #1234.

Packages and prototypes to be added soon! And as of now, phones require cash to upkeep. If you wish to obtain one, visit the Clarion Phone Co. in Eastern Eurasia. Also, Vuredel has kindly installed a salary program! If you're a faction leader, it would be wise to contact him. That's all, so g'night. n_n

-- Your Friendly Neighborhood SoulWiz. .. (*Cackle*)
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