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Arabian Princess

One Mask For Another - Gundam Wing RP

10 years have passed since the end of the series. The world has once again sunk into depths of violence. An attack by waiters at the president's masquerade ball that was to commemorate the decade of peace since the war resulted in the president's resignation and a new threat to our heroes. The second masquerade, celebrating Treize and Dorothy's wedding, saw an assassination attempt on Treize, running for president. With the cast still reconnecting after a decade apart, can they come together in time to stop more violence?

One Mask For Another is a slightly dark, partly crack, forum Gundam Wing RP. Due to recent personnel losses, we are looking for new players to refill key positions as well as to take on new characters. Click on Apply Here and reply as a guest in that thread to get started. If wanting to take over a character previously in use, we will give you the password via AIM or some other way; the Still Open topic will have background information the characters previously used. If wanting to take character with no account yet, we'll give you the go ahead to make it. You just have need to say hi first. AIM is the preferred method of communication. Original characters will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

New players will start June 1st at the inaugural ball, which will be a masquerade, of course. ^_~

- Apply Here - Still Open -

Recently Released:
* Relena Darlian
* Lucrezia Noin
* Mariemaia Khushrenada
* Ralph Kurt
* Chris Marley
* Many OCs
* Contact for details on possibly taking Howard

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