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Open RP: Halloween Party at St. Gabriel's Institute (part 1)

Well, despite all the festivities, something seems to be oddly wrong. Why? Knux is actually at school. Infact, the boy hasn't returned to this place since... Well, since after he hijacked oen of his instructor's MS and ran off during a Rebel assault. However, nobody will probably recognize him... And if they do, they'll likely want to pretend they don't. For Knux's amazing costume is... A Penguin Jockey. A large, stuffed, cartoon-ish peguin with hole's in it's back and feet reaches up to the boy's waist, thusly makign the 'penguin' walk with the boy's movements. However, an extra pair of pants tied around his waist, stuffed(complete wiht shoes ont he end), and thrown over the bird give the illusion that the boy is indeed riding a giant penguin. Too complete his costume is the standard attire of a horse jockey, complete with striped shirt, goggles, whip, and beanie. Waddling into the room, the boy pauses for a moment...Scanning the area. No, he's not just here for fun. He's here on recon a swell, to check up on some OZ activity... But for the meantime... PENGUIN!!!

Vector_Sprint walks into the lobby sporting a costume far less eye catching than Knux's, though it fits the wearer's tastes just as well. Vector is dressed as a beach comber, complete with hawaiian shirt, tattered shorts, sunglasses and sandals. His shirt, upon close inspection, is printed with little Leos all over it.

The first few minutes of the party are always the most boring ones; not everybody's arrived yet, the DJs play all the bad music, and nobody's worked up a sweat yet. Shentian tugged at her left-hand glove to take a peek at her watch. Not even five minutes into the danse, and already she was bored. Just as she was looking around for someone she might know, or even be able to strike up conversation, she noticed one costume in particular. A boy. Riding a penguin. She snickered to herself, ideas forming in her head as she started over.

Standing in a corner that seems to be just right for him is a lone figure... He wears a black cloak, a faceless mask with just two eyeholes for him to see through, and is holding a scythe. No one's seemed to notice him yet; he must have 'snuck in' while no one was looking. Meanwhile, a black-cloaked blonde leans against a wall, yawning. It's none other than Zack, waiting for some *real* fun to start. Then his attention is drawn to a boy riding...a penguin?? O_O;;;

Outside the school, the party's music gently floats out and reaches the ears of a couple of guys who happen to wandering down the highway, after an unsuccessful evening of trick-or-treating... The two are dressed normally. One is wearing a palm tree-print overshirt with a brown, Australian-styled hat rested upon his head. The other is wearing a leather jacket. They aren't in costume. That's how they normally dress. c.c; "Bugger! I can't believe it, mate! I didn't get 'ny candy..." The one with the hat says, "Darn the luck..." The other kinda glances at him and blinks, "I've told you a hundred times. It's not Halloween yet! Plus, you're 25 years-old... You shouldn't be trick-or-treating anyway." The other man looks shocked. "Crikey! Too old?! 'Member, I'm still a kid heart, Luke... 'Sides, it's free candy." The one called Luke sighs, "Whatever, Han..." "Shh! Listen." "What?" "I hear music!" The man in the hat dashes down the highway and stops before the entrance to St. Gabriel Institute. Luke hurries next to him and sighs, "Yeah... That's music alright..." Han looks over, "Sounds like a bloody party! And we weren't invited..." "Probably 'cause we don't attend this school..." Han grins, "Now, now. That's never stopped us 'fore, now 'as it?" Luke shakes his head, "Don't tell me you're planning to..." Too late. Han's already walked in the gates and Luke has no choice but to follow. With a sigh, he does.

Amara walks down the path towards the doors, her arms hugging her sides. She quietly chastises herself for not wearing her jacket. She glances up at the front of the institute, listening to what banter can be heard outside. She murmurs under her breath, "Well, here goes.." She slowly makes her way up the steps.

Well, seems as if Penguin-boy is attracting a rather large amount of attention... Although, he seems to be oblivious to that fact. Standing by one of the many tabl;e sporting a bowl of fruit punch, the boy idly sips away on a cup full of the drink, eyes scanning the area for any of his 'contacts'... Or just anyone he wants to talk to. After afew moments and no one's seen, Knux almost seems to give up hope... That is, until he sees a familiar face clad in a Leo-riddled shirt. Tossing the now empty cup into the nearest trash can, the rebel waddles over toward Vector, offering a wave of his whip. "Hey!"

Vector walks to a refreshment table, and pours a glass of punch, hoping desperately that it is spiked. After pouring the beverage into the glass, he steps beside the giant penguin rider, and peers at him over the sunglasses. "You better be able to run in that, commander. I mean, if you're found out, won't someone want your head on a pike?"

Stopping in her tracks as she sees her target stolen, Shentian slumps, her plan foiled. She mutters something under her breath about how she doesn't really like penguins that much anyway and heads towards one of the several sets of doors, not really paying attention to exactly where she's headed, her wired tail swinging somewhat moodily behind her. As she pushes the doors open, she finds herself rather surprised to bump into two, oddly-dressed-yet-not-in-costume, older-looking men. "Jeeze, watch where you're~.." she stuttered, but caught herself. "I mean, sorry, sorry.."

Han walks in the gate and down the path. He stops walking about halfway to the doors and begisn to rub his side. It gives him trouble every now and then... "Han! What're you doing? You can't just barge in... You're side hurting again?" Luke walks down the path, catching up his older brother, who glances back and begins walking to the party again. "Ah, bugger, Luke. Chill out will ya, mate? Who's gonna notice us, anywa-" Not watching where he's headed, Han bumps into someone walking out from the party, "Whoa!" The Australian jumps back a bit. He quickly regains his composure and blinks down at the woman, "Ah, s'okay. Dun worry 'bout it. My fault." He gives and broad grin and wink, then walks into the doors. He's immediately hit by the sound of music, which is much louder indoors apparantly. Outside, Luke appologizes for his brother and follows inside. "'ey Luke!" Han says to Luke, "This is m'kind of party, mate! Ya!" The two glance around, admiring all the costumes, of which they lack. "Yeah... I have to admit it. Too bad we don't have costumes..." Luke says, but it's too late. Han's wandered off to a snack table and is shoving huge ammounts of food in his mouth. Luke sighs and walks off to some random corner, and swears he saw someone riding a giant Penguin...

Amara stops on the steps, blinking as two men bump into a woman. After everyone's apologized and so forth, she smiles at the woman and makes her own way inside. After being out in the dark, she squints a little until the lighting becomes easier on her eyes. She strolls calmly around the room, looking for someone interesting to converse with.

The jockey's arms are folded over his chest, glaring at his fellow rebel, "Hush up with the 'commander' stuff, or else we will get caught." His voice then lowers ot that of a whisper, leaning in a bit, "...Just try and see if you can overhear any Ozzie talk, though, okay? Maybe if they get drunk enough, they'll spill some stuff." Waddling back a bit, and going back to the punch bowl, Knux pulls out small bottle, and thusly dumps it into the punch, and begins to stir casually, "And yes, I can run in this. You'll be suprised how fast giant penguins are." Grinning and taking a cup of the newly spiked drink, he cackles, "Hehe, penguin punch..."

Vector nods to Knux, and starts meandering around the room, listening to the various conversations.

Zack yawns again, now very bored, not really caring much for this whole 'Rebels watching out for Ozzie talk' stuff. He's really just here for the 'spooky fun'. He takes a deep breath, and slinks over to the punch, getting a bit thirsty. He then stops, for some reason feeling like he's being watched. He whips around, and blinks as he notices some weird guy in a 'death' costume staring at him. He blinks again. ( Okay, this is really gettin' creepy, ) he thinks, and turns back around, trying to ignore him. He pours himself a cup of punch, and takes a sip. It tastes a bit weird, but he doesn't really seem to care...

Nodding her head as the two men pass her, Shentian only stares for a second, not too sure of what to do, but finally deciding on the proper action to take. She jogs after the one in the hat and palmtree shirt, the seemingly more interesting of the two, and taps at his shoulder rather obnoxiously. "Hey, you could at least introduce yourself, you know..." She stands back, arms crossed, waiting for a reply.

Han coughs, nearly choking on a cookie as he is tapped on the shoulder. "Ack! *Coughcough.*" He beats a hand against his chest a few time and swallows, "Crikey... Nearly scared me to death! Literally!" The Australian turns around grinning widely again, "I didn't introduce m'self, y'say? Sorry 'bout that... M'name's Han!" He extends a hand, "And who might you be?" Meanwhile, Luke has began wandering around, looking for action. He's so boring apparently... e.e; He wanders off in search of punch, and moves toward the bowl, where he spots the giant penguin again. Moving quickly, he sneaks walks by and gets to the bowl. Luke has always had this bizarre fear of penguins... c.c; Shuddering, he pours himself a cup and takes a drink. "Boy, this punch sure tastes weird..." He comments out loud to no one in particular.

Amara nods with a smile, saying a few hellos to people. Her cheeks turn a rosy pink as she realizes she didn't buy a costume.. However, she tries her best not to show her embarrassment, blinking in surprise as a man in a devil-suit whisks her into a dance. She smiles politely and removes his hands. "I'm sorry, I'd rather not at the present time," She comments to him.

We will be continuing tomorrow around 7:00PM EST. Since Knux has plans tomorrow, I've agreed to help run it this time. Feel free to come join in!

<3 Shentian
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